About Us

  • Inspire is a newly established company based in Lebanon. The company is involved in the Sales, Marketing and Business Development of medical, paramedical and pharmaceutical products in Lebanon and GCC markets.
  • Inspire is the link between your brand and the most noteworthy health and care professionals, primary health centers and pharmacists in the region.
  • Our core strength is our professional, experienced and results-driven sales and marketing teams.
  • Other strengths include our excellent connections and comprehensive regional industry and marketing network in addition to our existing partnership with regional organization and key opinion leaders.
  • Inspire approach is based on the idea of bringing customized  solution to introducing and building brand presence in the region seeking latest technologies and innovations to become pioneers in our area of expertise.

Our Services


Inspire helps pharmaceutical distributors become more competitive and successful in today’s evolving market.Whether you are looking for specific market consulting services or you wish to outsource specific task, we are the partner for you.


Inspire has a dedicated sales and marketing team who develops and implements a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy for our brands.They work and set to achieve goals through a detailed marketing plan that focuses on products awareness and building demand. The team covers all the different sales channels for the product including direct specialist detailing, pharmacy sales and direct consumers sales.


Our expert’s mission is to inspire leaders, cultivate their self-worth and help them develop their self- awareness so that they can enjoy their journey of improvement and achieve their goals.


Our professionals provide a strong coaching program based on continuous trainings to empower diverse salesforce for better performance and productivity.


Our experts design tailor-made promotional materials for various brands aiming to increase their visibility and message retention.

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