Our expert’s mission is to inspire leaders, cultivate their self-worth and help them develop their self- awareness so that they can enjoy their journey of improvement and achieve their goals.
Terms of Services
– The coach and client anticipate meeting, on average, once a week or twice a month for a period of six months.
– Confidentiality is the key to creating a successful coaching environment. That’s why, a confidentiality agreement is signed between the coach and the client.
– We use structured interviews and psychometric instruments. We analyze our clients’ central aspects of their biography in order to better understand their decision patterns, behavior preferences, and their interpersonal relationships.
– Nathalie is a qualified executive coach, experienced in having her clients experience speedy and sustained high performance, meaningful change, and rich personal and professional success.
– Coaching sessions most often happen by phone or skype for either 60 or 90 minutes. They are booked in blocks of 4 at once to ensure that there’s an ongoing accountability for change and that coaching times can be protected and prioritized in everyone’s busy schedules.
– Prices can alter depending on the number of clients and/or coaching hours, however the numbers below will give you a sense of where that conversation about investment would start.
Coaching by phone or Skype booked in blocks of 4 sessions at a time:

  • 60-minute calls: from USD 150.00 per session
  • 90-minute calls: from USD 200.00 per session

On-site coaching

  • 90-minute calls: from USD 225.00 per session

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