-Diacarta is a translational genomics and personalized diagnostics company.
-Diacarta is committed to the treatment of cancer & improving patient wellbeing through a relentless pursuit of understanding & detecting actionable genomic information: www.diacarta.com
-The mission of Diacarta is to provide highlysensitive and advanced technologies that will improve the way molecular diagnostics and translational genomics impact healthcare treatment plans and the well-being of individuals around the world.
DIacarta is a technology driven molecular diagnostics company:


  • CE Marked IVD products for worldwide distribution.
  • CLIA and ISO certification.
  • Over 16,000-square feet dedicated to a GMP-compliant lab space.
  • Ground breaking XNA technology for NGS (avoiding deep sequencing), qPCR(below 0.1% sensitivity) and other platforms.

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